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.PictureMoreZ High function edition
.PE-MUZ High function edition
.Picture ExhibitorZ Reasonable edition
.Net Correct
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All Online Softwares of Oscar Creation are sharewares for runing on Windows .
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Version1.20 full (9-25-2005) 5,749,185 bytes picmorez12.exe
Creating Autorun CD-R/CD-RW
With Graphics Manager
Version3.30 full (8-21-2004) 4,538,217 bytes pecd33.exe
The following was sold out.

Version1.30 full (4-24-2006) 4,025,913 bytes pemuz13.exe
Picture ExhibitorZ

Version1.30 full (4-24-2006) 3,655,952 bytes picexz13.exe

Version5.30 full (8-21-2004) 5,643,287 bytes picmore53.exe

Version5.30 full (8-21-2004) 3,959,731 bytes pemu53.exe
Picture Exhibitor

Version7.30 full (8-21-2004) 3,613,685 bytes picex73.exe