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For the retouch of the photograph ,
For the composition of the image,
For animated image processing
Many functions for painting
Many functions for retouching
Many functions for an Animated image(GIF,AVI,ANI)
Multiple windows to edit
The frame transparency overlapping functions
Loading of many image forms
Saveing of many image forms
Complying with the TWAIN interface
Complying with the network (LAN)
easy Display capture and Printing
PictureMoreZ is the software that image data to use in WEB page of the Internet and on Windows can be created/modified easily with Windows XP, 2000, NT4.0, ME(Millennium Edition), 98 .

PictureMoreZ has multiple windows to edit .
With PictureMoreZ, You can paint, retouch, convert, animate image, composition, trimming, change color tone, change color mode, display capture, print, and do other.
The frame transparency overlapping function will definitely satisfy your purposes. These functions will help you during creating & editing of the animated GIF as well.

The function outline is introduced in the following.

  • Picture Types
    • Reading & Writting --- GIF, BMP, JPEG (EXIF, OLYMPUS are included), JPEG-2000(JP2,J2K,JPC), PNG, TIFF, ICO, CUR, ANI, AVI, TGA, XBM, XPM, PCX, PIX, RAS, ORM, Other
    • Reading Only --------- PCD, PSD, MPG, WMF, PCT, EXE, DLL(WINDOWSApplication Resouces)
    • You can get from TWAIN Device .
  • Multiple windows to edit

    • More than one image file is opened at the same time, and it can be edited.
      • More than one frame image is opened at the same time, and it can be edited.
      • More than one same image is opened at the same time, and it can be edited.
      • Indication magnification and an indication position are changed respectively, and it can be edited.
    • The drag of the selected image is possible between each window.
  • Create And Convert.
    • An easy convert to the different image data (GIF, BMP, JPEG, JPEG-2000(JP2,J2K,JPC), ICO, CUR, ANI, AVI, PNG, TIFF, TGA, XBM, XPM, PIX, RAS, other).
    • Image data (GIF,JPEG,PNG) to use with WEB page of the Internet can be made easily.
    • Transparent background of image data (GIF,ICO,CUR,ANI,PNG) can be made easily.
    • The Interlace image data (GIF,PNG) that the whole of the image appears on a little each clearly, and progressive JPEG can be made easily.
    • Image data (BMP, ICO, CUR, ANI, AVI) to use with WINDOWS application can be made easily.
  • Animate image.
    • Animate image (GIF,ANI,AVI) can be made easily.
    • A present editing frame is piled up, and made easily, and it can be processed into the background and the frame right before the front by the animation cell image.
      • The change color indication mode which changes the color of the rough sketch a little.
      • Adjustment all cells size --- The size of all the frames is made equal to the image size, and editing is made easy.
      • Compact --- Only a difference from the previous frame is written at the time of saving, and data size is made small.
    • Make flames automatically (Copy, Move left/right/up/down, Rotation, Zoom In/Out, Fade in/out) can be made easily.
    • Change order of flames can be made easily and fast.
    • Change attribute of flames can be made easily and fast.
    • Change position of flames can be made easily and fast.
    • Of course, other images can be import, and the attributes (the delay time of animation, disposal method after the frame indication, others) are set up easily.
    • The collective change function (it is changed to the zoom in/out, the designated size, color tone change) of the frame.
    • A comment setting function to each frame of GIF.

  • The image of more than one page.
    • The image of more than one page (TIFF) can be made easily.
    • Change order of pages can be made easily and fast.
    • Of course, other images can be import.
    • The collective change function (it is changed to the zoom in/out, the designated size, color tone change) of the page.
    • A comment setting function to each page of TIFF.
  • Layer function for image editing.
    • A Layer function is used, and then a complex image can be edited easily and carefully, too.
    • An image during editing can be saved with the ORM form.
    • As a software specification, maximum 32,767 Layers.
      -Layer0- -Layer1-
      Transparency Background
      -Overwrapped View-
  • Change color tone, Change color mode.
    • Change color tone(Gray scale, sepia color, with the brightness adjustment function of the image) can be made easily.
    • Change color mode can be made easily.
      -GIF 256Colors 13Kbyte- -GIF 64Colors 8Kbyte- -GIF 16Colors 6Kbyte-
    • Emboss, Sharp can be made easily.
    • Sharp can be made easily.
    • Blur can be made easily.
    • Dithering can be made easily.
    • Negative<-->Positive can be made easily.
      -Negative- -Positive-
    • Tone Curve can be made easily.
    • Outline extraction can be made easily.
    • Button can be made easily.
    • Distortion can be made easily.
  • Retouch and Composition.
    • Image data during editing can be composed with other image files.
    • When the image range that it is copied it is chosen, the various ways of choosing it can be used.
      ( Rectangle select, polygon select, oval select, picture select )
    • The rotation function (optionally in the interval.) of the selection data.
    • The mirror function (a left-right reversal, an up-down reversal) of the selection data.
    • The gradation function of the selection data.
    • Whole, at a stretch, expansion reduction data change. And, it expands beautifully with Smart-Zoom at the time of the expansion.
      -Special- Let's make a greeting card.
    • Transparency is used by using Layer functions in the case and so on that an image is made, and the preparation of the image which looked through the image of the bottom is easy, too.
      • Transparency commands are indicated only when transparency can be used.
      • Transparency is 0 (It isn't transparent.) - 255 (perfect transparency).
      • Transparency operation prepared for three kinds of the putting, the addition, the subtraction.

  • Trimming and Rotation.
    • Trimming, Rotation can be made easily.
  • Display capture.
    • easy Display capture.
  • Image list.
    • The easy file opening with picture list which image file in the directory are selected from the image list.
  • Print.
    • Printing function (setup of printing, print, preview, change printing position and printing size).
    • It is printed by using the resolution set up in the file.
    • All pages in the file are printed.
    • Any pages in the file are chosen at the time as the printing and printed.
  • Paint and other.
    • A drag does the text, and it can be arranged with inputting text.And, the text with the shadow and 3D, the text with the drawing angle of inclination occasion can draw easily, too.
    • Pen, line, rectangle, polygon, oval, arc, sector, spline, and others.
    • Various brush patterns of the fill, the oval, the sector, the rectangle and the polygon can be chosen.
    • Blur pen, Sharp pen, and others.
    • As for the expansion reduction of the indication, from 1%, to 3200%.
    • A color choice form is abundant and easy.
    • A file open function by the drag & drops.
    • The opening/saving function of the file on network.
    • A file reading function from the machine (in such cases as the digital camera and the scanner) complying with TWAIN.
    • The establishment function of the undo function maximum number of times.
      A limitation-less can be chosen by the establishment, too.
    • A command can be carried out quickly by the short cut key.
    • A comment setting function to BMP,GIF,JPEG,ANI,TIFF,PNG file.
    • A favorite cursor(*.CUR,*.ANI) setting function in the arrow cursor.
    • least 256 colos Display Mode.
    • This software can be used with the environment of English and Japanese.

PictureMoreZ is a shareware .
You can edit Picture Files on Windows XP, 2000, NT4.0, ME(Millennium Edition), 98 with PictureMoreZ .
Downloding is Free .
If you like these softwares, please register it .

Full DownLoad PictureMoreZ Version1.20
File Name picmorez12.exe(Automatic decompless)
Size 5,749,185 Byte
Update 9/25/2005 (This version)
Install picmorez12.exe(Automatic decompless, Automatic Install) running
Devloper Oscar Creation
System requirements Windows XP, 2000, NT4.0, ME(Millennium Edition), 98
Kind Shareware
One Personal registration price of PictureMoreZ is US $50.00 .
One Company's registration price of PictureMoreZ is US $250.00 .
Registration Method
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Limitations These are the following limitations when used under the conditions when the users are not registered.
  • When image data are saved, a message is recorded in the image file, too.
    Only an ORM image form is the image form that the message isn't kept.
    Of course, after you registered as the user of this software,you can change it into other image form data from the ORM image data when you unregister yourself.
  • When image data were printed, a message is printed on the paper, too.
  • Others.