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Oscar Creation defines the purchase of shareware as payment of the royalty (license) of the software, and calls it user's registration.

By installing, operating, copying, distributing, or otherwise using PictureMoreZ, you agree to the terms of this Shareware License Agreement. If you do not agree to the terms of this Agreement, DO NOT INSTALL PictureMoreZ.

<License Agreement>

This contract defines the conditions about the license of the software (PictureMoreZ) between Registered User and Oscar Creation.

This software is protected by Japan and a foreign copyright and the intellectual property right.
Though a registered user has use permitted on the condition of this contract from Oscar Creation,
the intellectual property right such as the copyright of this software isn't moved to the registered user.

Oscar Creation permits the use of this software with a PC of the registered user.
The term of validity to permit use is one year after the license purchase.

A license by this contract is the right to use this software with one PC by one user registration.
If you registered the user of this software, Oscar Creation will tells you the user ID and Password of this software. A function limitation and a use limitation are canceled by setting up a password with this user ID. Only a PC which set up a password with the user ID has a license. A license isn't given to you, but a license is given to a PC which set up your ID.

The change of the license by the change of a PC(The change of the inside hardware) to use this software is possible only once during the term of validity. It is for a PC renewal and a trouble, and the number of the PCs which has a license doesn't increase. Then, a PC before having a license loses a license. After a license was changed once, a license can't be changed again. If this software isn't executed by not changing a license again, It is the expiration of the term of validity.

During the license term of validity, If you ask for the re-transmission of the user ID and Password, We will send a user ID and Password only to the email address of the license purchase contact free. Because it is not a reissue, it is ID and Password which is the same as the email transmitted before. The term of validity isn't changed.

When this software is upgraded during the term of validity, a registered user can use the latest edition free by all the following conditions.
a) After it downloads from the Internet, a license by the password input dialog is confirmed with a PC which establishes a license with the user ID. But, it can't be upgraded when it can't be connected in the Internet and when a password can't be confirmed properly with the user ID by a setup of PROXY and so on.
Make the backup of this software before the upgrade because Oscar Creation doesn't distribute an old version.

Even cancellation of use, the cancellation of the license and other reasons aren't paid back.

After it expires, only a PC (Hardware in a PC isn't changed.) which has a license at the time of the expiration can keep using the version being used at that time. But, because a license expired, there is no all right except for it in the PC. Someday after that, if the PC couldn't start this software, it is actual cancellation of use of this software.

If there was a problem in this software, it will cope during the term of validity by the modification of the software.
The following process is necessary for it.
a) If you found a problem, Send a email with a problem report to Oscar Creation.
b) A problem will be corrected with Oscar Creation after that.
c) A registered user will receive modification complete mail.
d) You will have to download the latest edition of this software from the Internet.
e) It is installed in a PC which has a license, and you will be able to use a modification edition.

Oscar Creation doesn't compensate if damage occurred by this software.

The renewal fee of this contract is half price of the usual selling price of this software in the renewal.